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Primary Services:


  • Change Strategy Development

  • Capacity Building

  • Leadership Alignment

  • Employee Engagement and Productivity

  • Project Launch Strategy

  • Stakeholder Identification and Engagement

  • Change Communications

  • Impact Analysis and Implementation Planning

  • Managing Transitions and Communication


Ancillary Services:


  • Leadership Development, customized education for professional development.

  • Project Management for process improvement or change management projects.

  • Assessing success of strategic initiatives with metric alignment and the supporting systems and structures


What is the engagement process?


Step One is to identify the purpose and outcome(s) of the engagement and to ensure a good fit with needs and skill set.

                This leads to an agreement to work together.


Step Two is the creation of specific goals and desired outcomes for the agreement.


Step Three consists of the actual work, interviews, assessments, analysis, to reach the goals.


Step Four is a check-in with the organization for feedback on progress being made.


Step Five is an evaluation of the engagement, goals achieved, reflection of lessons learned and recommendations going forward.


During Step Three and through Step Five, the consultant meets with the sponsor for the contract on a regular basis

to ensure alignment and any adjustments are made, to ensure outcomes are achieved.  


If you are interested in how Strategic Change Services can help your company plan your business growth

with strategies to help deal with the implications and impacts of change, contact us for a free consult!   

  • Process Improvement in business workflows

  • Culture assessments and alignment to strategic goals

  • Individual coaching on change leadership

  • Meeting facilitation:

    • To increase collaboration between organizations

    • Strategic Planning

    • Leadership and/or Staff Retreats

    • Focus Groups

    • Committee or Council Meeting(s)

    • Regulatory Compliance

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