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Strategic Change Services is a dynamic company that looks at the landscape of the entire organization, taking a holistic approach, to ensure the right work is planned and is sustainable for the client. We customize our approach to fit any magnitude of change, whether it is enterprise-wide, division-wide or team-based, no matter what its focus. Some of the things taken into consideration are the culture, existing systems and structures, and expectations that are competing for resources.

Strategic Change Services helps clients plan and execute strategic change by developing comprehensive and effective change strategies. We focus on solutions that help organizations deal with the implications and impacts of change on their resources and business strategies.

Strategic Change Services started working with organizations in 2015, that were reaching out for expertise and assistance in planning an organizational business change, strategic initiatives, or were faced with a challenge they have been struggling to resolve. We work with organizations that may need a brief engagement, or a more long term engagement, to help reach the needed outcomes for business success. We provide a range of services from designing implementation strategies, workflow analysis, coaching, group facilitation, and setting organization strategic goals. Strategic Change Services has access to a network of certified professionals, when projects require specialized expertise to complete the engagement or for projects with shorter timelines.  

Frances Jones, M.A., CCMP is an organizational development consultant, certified change leadership coach and change management practitioner, and thought provoking facilitator with over 15 years of experience. Frances brings a holistic approach to helping great leaders build change agility within their organization. From working with leaders to envision the future of their organizations, to coaching them to have the skills needed to embark on that visionary path, to assessing the reality of an organizations current culture and developing systems and structures to support reaching their strategic business goals for growth and success. As an organizational development consultant, Frances helps to develop organizations, and the people in them, through planned and unplanned change. Frances can take a variety of approaches to her role, ranging from expert to process consultant.

If you are interested in how Strategic Change Services can help your company plan your business growth and strategies to help deal with the implications and impacts of change, contact us for a free consult! 

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