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Our Mission

Help strengthen the capacity of organizations to achieve their strategic goals.

Brainstorming Session
Making Notes
Giving a Presentation
Audience and Lecturer

Process Improvement

When you ask 4 different people how to do something at work, do you get 12 different answers? Are your customer or staff satisfaction scores lower than they should be? When you look at your data, does it tell a story that does not match the workflow or your policies and procedures? Did a regulatory agency just knock on your door and leave with you with improvements to be made?

Change Management

Meeting Facilitation


Did your organization make a change and the results are not evident yet... and it has been months or even years? Has the current project been implemented already...  several times? Is your project over budget and the deadline was yesterday? Do you feel like you are always running uphill or against the crowd of people that should be running with you?

Does your committee feel stuck, like you are reliving the last meeting each time? Is there a critical topic that needs to be resolved with participation from everyone? Is there a tight deadline for a solution to be implemented with teams that have never worked together?

Do you have a small or large group that would benefit from training in process improvement or change management? Would you like them to be trained as they work on a project with results to show?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, we welcome you to contact us to work collaboratively to have the strongest and quickest impact to reach your goals. Strategic Change Services has the expertise to help organizations have:  

·         -More effective culture change

·         -Higher levels of workforce engagement

·         -Improved employee productivity and retention

·         -Increased organizational adaptability to new systems

  and processes

·         -Improved workflows that are efficient and effective

·         -Reduced risks to the organization

·         -Sustainable performance metrics



If you are interested in how Strategic Change Services can help your company plan your business growth with strategies 

and help deal with the implications and impacts of change, contact us for a free consult!   

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